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Small Business Planning in a Pandemic - How I am Planning for the Last 6 Months of 2020

By now, you may have realized that you needed to scrap some of your 2020 New Years Day strategies due to the worldwide pandemic and other sensitive issues that have emerged over the past couple of months in March of 2020.

As a digital marketer, it was very tempting to throw in the towel and avoid all the news circulating on social media; however, this isn't smart.

Many great entrepreneurs get a big break or launch highly profitable business ventures during economic hardship.

In this blog, I share what I am doing to ensure success in my business.

Making a Pivot while Mainting My Commitment

Before the global pandemic and quarantine, my business was 50% offline/local and %50 percent online/digital. Now that I am a full-time home-schooling teacher, daycare provider on top of my role as CEO, I needed to make a ton of changes. To accommodate these changes, I have...

A) Reduced calls and meetings

Yes! Contrary to everyone jumping on Zoom, I decided to minimize calls and filter out sessions that didn't have a predetermined objective. Before, I would be happy to jump on a chat with anyone, but now I have to filter out aimless conversations to accommodate more time with the kids. Every moment at home is precious, and if there was no specific result, I had to pass. I focus on messaged based conversations and emails that are clear and get to the point. If it makes sense, I have a meeting. I have allotted only 1 hour per day, Monday to Friday for live calls.

B) Created affordable products that serve

I created another low ticket offer for my audience. These are programs that are affordable but help entrepreneurs get immediate results. The personal brand consulting work that would typically cost $1500 and up is now packaged up into a $97 course. This allows me to scale with ads, reach more people, and make more money WHILE I SPEND MORE TIME WITH MY KIDS.

C) Changed my work schedule

I have changed my work hours. Before, I would have to be up at 6/7 AM to get the kids ready for school, go to my commercial auditions, then work afternoons on my business. Now - we all wake up when we want, 😂 start school when we want, and just go with the flow. I set a rough schedule for the week and then allow us to move with that day's energy. It feels delicious.⁠


Use June to Restrategize and Implement Fresh Services

Don't stop now and take a long vacation. Brainstormed new ways that you can serve people and be relevant today.

What initiatives, online events, can you implement?

Here are some current marketplace gaps:

  • Mental wellness at home

  • Family communication issues

  • Children's activities and keeping them busy

  • An influx of helping people transition their business online

  • Race relation support

  • Home health and sanitation

  • Money and financial management

Are you able to address any of these concerns? 

As a business coach, I tend to talk more about branding, marketing, and acquiring more clients. I have seen the need for more support in mindset and mental wellness while in business. So I have created more content to address this. I also implemented more educational webinars that are free to the public. You can check them out here on my events page.


Preparing for Christmas in July

As we look out into the horizon, we really have no idea what to expect. I suggest you start thinking about what the fall and holiday seasons will look like for you so you can prepare for that now. Long term thinking is equally as important as short term action.

There will definitely be an increase in buying gifts online. Since buyers have been forced to shop online during the pandemic, online shopping will be a comfortable norm even for those who prefer in-store shopping.

Here are some things to think about:

  • Do I need to invest more time in nurturing online communities?
  • Do I need to improve my eCommerce solutions?
  • Is there anything more I can offer and sell online?

Staying Open-Minded

I'm not surprised if you have seen an influx of "new business opportunities" offered to you from people in the entrepreneurial community. My advice is not to turn a blind eye. You never know when you can fall into an unexpected path that can change your financial situation.


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