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How Long does it Take to see More Followers, Leads and Sales


How long does it take to see results after implementing a personal branding strategy website and social media and the marketplace?

I thought this was a great question

you're going to want to know how long it's going to take to see a return on your investment

After you've invested time, money, and energy, in terms of getting photography done,

getting your website refreshed,

your social media rebranded,

and starting to get other people,

maybe social media managers to help you.


So How Long Does It Take?

This is how long it takes.

To establish your personal brand, it takes at least six months.

I would say from the time you repeatedly start, over and over and over, engaging on social media and showing up online via video,

It usually takes at least six months to see a significant difference.

This varies depending on where you were when you started.

Some people start and relaunch their personal brand to a preexisting audience.

For example, if you already have followers, if you already have an email list but you just haven't spent a lot of time in your personal branding

It won't take as long because people already know, like, and trust you.

Therefore, when you're launching, you're launching to people.

You'll see that it's easier to close them, to generate sales,

because you already have a list.


What If You Are Starting From New?

Let's say you're starting from new, scratch, and you have nothing.

Maybe you are on social media for personal purposes, and you're just getting started; how long is it going to take to see results from your strategy?

It will take time.

As I said before, it can take 3 to 6 months to see excellent results.

This is if you are doing a consistent activity.

What kind of strategy am I talking about?

What is the consistent activity that would lead to three to six months of seeing results?

That would be at least posting daily.

It could be you or a social media manager, or you're scheduling posts that can go out.

It could be, as well, other than posting daily,

it would also be something like engaging with people on threads,

engaging in the comments, having videos regularly go out through social mediums.

So whatever strategy you have,

if you are posting a day,

showing up on video at least once or twice a week,

you do have a system in place where they're downloading maybe a guide or a freebie on your website. After doing that repeatedly and engaging, again, three to six months, you'll start to see results.

You'll probably see yourself getting clients online, or getting leads, or booking more appointments.

You'll have people ask you to be featured on their podcast, be featured on their summit or speaking gigs, etc.

It vectors and gains momentum over time.

Of course, a year later, two years later, it begins to snowball and get more significant and more opportunities and things like that.


The Importance Of Consistency

The key in all of this, still, is consistent activity.

Let's say you started a month in, 30 days in, and you've posted daily and engaged daily on social media; that's great.

It's a good start.

You'll start to see some buzz.

You'll start to generate some buzz.

However, you might not have generated clients.

Unless you have a direct outreach strategy, which I can talk about in another video.

I hope this has helped.

From the time you launch a strategy, it can take three to six months to see results.

If you power it with ads, it could be even shorter and more powerful.

Remember, it takes time to build up your social media, stay committed, stay constant, and don't give up.



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